“¿Que Traes De Mexico?” – Cog•nate Collective

Cog•nate Collective presented a bi-national exhibit over the weekend in an attempt to reestablish the Mercado de Artesanias as a site for cultural exchange and public dialogue of all things border-culture. They ask the question: “What are you bringing from Mexico?”/ “¿Que traes de Mexico?” Photographer – Andrea Noel Cog•nate Collective         … Continue reading

Libreria Berlin

Libreria Berlin This wonderful little used bookstore is located @ 7041 Calle 2da. Photographer – Andrea Noel

Mercado Hidalgo pt 1.

A lovely visual food binge @ Mercado Hidalgo – Tijuana I would go into painstaking detail about the glory that is this fine cluster of merchants, but Across The Border has already done such a fine job:  and made a virtual tour to go with it ! Ayayay! What a champ!